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Smart Home

What exactly is a "Smart Home"

"Smart Home" is a term commonly used to define a home that has lighting, heating, entertainment audio/video systems and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely from any room in the home, as well as, in some cases, remotely from any location in the world by a smart app.

it Sounds expensive...

What used to be a daunting prospect with hard-to-use products is now maturing into something available to the majority of home owners. Much of this is due to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablet computers.

Their ability to maintain network connections and the myriad of apps means they can be used and configured to control many different devices in the home.

From mood lighting settings to the music we relax to, to the movies we watch, all can be controlled through a smart phone or tablet app.

At Simply Sound & Vision we pride ourselves in demistyfing these app-controlled devices and we aim to design reliable systems that don't cost the earth to install or maintain.

...AND Complicated

Our approach is to keep it down to earth. Because we use what we sell and sell what we use we stand by our approach because we have learned what works in our own homes so that we can make the best recommendations for what will work in yours.

We aim to use the smart device as the platform for integration and use discrete applications for the main areas of most people's interest:

  • Multi room Music
  • Multi-Room Television
  • Lighting, heating and energy

This keeps things a lot simpler and a lot more reliable because we avoid the use of third party drivers to hook things together that you see in many expensive integration solutions.

By keeping to the manufacturers apps it means you can benefit from their updates as and when they are released rather than wait for, and sometimes pay for, updates to the third party drivers.

If CCTV and Security is of interest to you, you should know that we regularly work contractors in these areas too.

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