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Turn your amplified system into a SONOS system

Just hook up CONNECT to your stereo, home theatre or powered speakers and stream all the music on earth wirelessly into any room using the equipment you already own. Control with free apps for your Android™, iPhone® or iPad®.


Old amplifier, modern control

A really neat feature with the Sonos Connect that isn’t at first apparently obvious is the ability to have either fixed or variable volume output. Doesn't sound too impressive? Well actually it's not, but the convenience added by this feature makes using the system an absolute pleasure. Having the output set to variable allows you to set your amplifiers volume to maximum output (11) and use the Sonos app to control the volume level. No more fiddling around with knob on amps, or searching the back of the sofa for an amplifier remote control. Just be careful to remember the amp is set to 11 if you have other sources connected.


Works with the audio equipment you own
Seamlessly integrates your stereo, home theatre system and other amplified audio devices into your Sonos Wireless HiFi System.

Superior audio quality
Analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs are engineered for premium performance. And fixed or variable audio output options provide flexible volume control.

Start with one, expand anywhere
Add as many Sonos players as you want throughout your home. Wirelessly. Play different songs in every room or the same song everywhere, in perfect sync.

Wireless, easy to set up
No rewiring. No complex programming. Simply download the Sonos app and use your home WiFi to use Sonos speakers anywhere in your home without wires.

Control your way
Search, browse and play your music with the free Sonos Controller App for your Android®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad®.

Play your favorite songs. Stream your favorite services.

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