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Sonos Trueplay

True to the music.

Trueplay fine tunes your Sonos speaker for a spot-on playback of what the artist recorded. As flawlessly perfect or beautifully imperfect as they played it. With nothing tweaked. And nothing lost.

What is Trueplay?

Now with the release of the new Sonos PLAY:5 (2nd Gen), Sonos has added a new feature to its app called Trueplay. Using your iPhone or iPad, in a few simple steps Trueplay will automatically calibrate your speaker and optimise it for its surroundings like an audio engineer would because not all rooms are acoustically the same. Sonos say that have come across scenarios where it has found consumers with their speakers hidden in the corner, placed on the floor, or in less-than ideal settings, this is how the Trueplay technology can help solve these issues. Sonos continue to say "speaker placement shouldn't be determined by user's knowledge; they should still get great sound wherever convenient".

Which Sonos products are compatible?

At this moment in time, the Trueplay technology will work with all of Sonos' all-in-one speakers (PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and both generations of PLAY:5), currently support for PLAYBAR and other Sonos products are being worked by Sonos audio engineers. Please note with your Sonos speaker(s) you would also require the following:

Apple devices running iOS7 or higher.

    This includes:
  • iPhone 4s and higher, except iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPad 2 and higher
  • iPod touch 5th generation and higher

The Trueplay App uses the Apple devices microphone and it has been proven consistent within its product range compared to Android devices where significant differences between microphones where found. So to perform the Trueplay tuning process you only need an iOS device, after that you can start using your Android controller and enjoy listening to a Trueplay optimised speaker(s).

How does Trueplay work?

Each speaker shipped from Sonos is expertly tuned to deliver music as close as possible to how the artist intended. To correct any alterations to the sound, Trueplay must listen… It uses the microphone on the iOS device to record results by having your speaker emit sequences of tones and sweeps across the frequency range. This process is much different from how an AV receiver will map your room, the Trueplay listens to sound waves and the way they bounce and act around the room.

An example, if you have a room that contains a lot of glass and within that room you have a Sonos speaker the high frequencies will not die away as quickly, whereas a room with a Sonos speaker hidden in the corner might find its lower frequencies are amplified. Balancing this out is the reason for Trueplay.

How do you setup Trueplay?

The function of Trueplay can be found on the Sonos App under Room Settings, please also note speaker(s) that have not been through the Trueplay process will be identified with a red dot (they will be tested as one, when running in stereo pair). The process takes about 3 minutes, reasoning being you have watch the demo video and then for every other speaker about 1 minute.

The first part of the process is to test the environment to make sure there is no noise, and once you get the OK, the tone testing process starts. During this process you will be able to hear tone sounds and you are required to walk around the room with your iOS device at a slow pace. While walking around you must also move your iOS device up and down through the air.

The app is brilliant it notifies you when you're not doing things correctly, and the great thing is it will also tell you if you need to move the device slower or faster, or you even need to move around more.

Trueplay should be successful if your environment maintains to keep reasonably quiet during the process. Sonos have also implemented clever tech algorithms for normal household noises, for example the process to cancel out dog barking.

You are only required to do the process once; per speaker unless they are in stereo pair then they are done together as one unit. However if you change the speaker from a vertical position to a horizontal, or reposition the speaker, or even move the speaker to a different room, you should retune it for its new position.

What differences will I hear?

Chances are you may not hear any changes in sound, if your speaker is in a well-placed area, however Sonos have stated while running their beta test around 50% of speakers had noticed an improvement.

Once Trueplay has completed it will let you know whether it's made any tweak or not, and informing you of the proportions of change made. Another great feature is, it allows you to switch off Trueplay if you don't like the changes made and further more gives you an option of A/B listening modes. You also have the benefits of the EQ settings if you desire to make any further adjustments after the process has finished.

How do I get it?

Free update of Trueplay have been released with version 6.0 and latest instalment of the Sonos Controller app on iOS.

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