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the Connected Home

smart home connected to the smart world

The home is no longer a place where we all simply sit back and accept entertainment, TV, radio, music, movies, in a passive mode. People increasingly expect to participate in the entertainment and information they have access to.

The connected home is potentially the next big technology revolution. It could dramatically change many aspects of our daily lives.

It is a networked home to which multiple services are delivered over superfast broadband.
These connected services range from entertainment to education, home automation and security to healthcare, interacting with government and controlling our energy use.

WHat do we need for this?

  • A real connected home will require superfast broadband
  • The TV will be part of a home network receiving content from many other devices including, streamed movies, readings from smart meters, healthcare information from doctors and hospitals
  • The rise of social TV – share your views and opinions with friends and family who are watching elsewhere; actively influence the outcome of programmes. Your own version of Gogglebox!
  • Multi-screen TV homes but with the second and third screens on smart phones, laptops and tablets for extra content, information and associated functionality
  • TV apps based on the way mobile apps model

How can we help?

Through our close relationship with our suppliers and specialist industries, we are always looking for, or suggesting new products to help provide the integration between your home and the wider connected world.

Once we are fully satisfied that any new technology will reliably work for our customers and that our installation & support team are fully able to make it work in the real world, then we will inform and educate through articles such as this, along with our blog and Twitter submissions.

We will configure and deliver a customised cost effective solution to meet your particular requirements.

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