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Customised installations

Do you want your visitors to be able to turn on the lights....?

Can Home Technology go too far?

Customised installations are about us working with you to design and implement a tailored package for you. A system that is not so complex that your guests need help to turn on the lights. (Yes, this does happen). This could be for you to install yourself. It could be for us to work with your on-site contractors (if you are renovating/building). Or it could be for us to install for you. Much of what we supply is capable of installation by a competent DIY enthusiast with support from the supplier. (That's us, by the way).

Some people go rather OTT when it comes to implementing technology in the home. We feel that may be rather more to do with impressing the neighbours than enjoying the benefits, but that's entirely their choice, of course. We try to be a little more down-to-earth than that by adopting a more pragmatic approach. The tablet computer and smartphone has revolutionised the ability to control devices in your home meaning we can do some clever things without spending a fortune.

So we can still help you impress the neighbours, if that's your bag - we do understand the emotional side of the coin - but we'll also aim to design something that does not blow the budget, and that is not overly complex to use or, just as importantly, maintain.

The choices are endless but we can comfortably guide you through the process by asking some simple questions to start with, to build a picture in our minds of what will work for you, your family.... and your visitors.


A customised installation design starts with a consultation. Depending on the level of complexity, this may be conducted over the phone, in one of our offices, or on-site where your project will be.

If you have sketches and plans of any property renovations you are undertaking, we recommend you bring those with you, or email them to us but it is by no means essential. We can sketch out such things as:

  • Initial wiring schematics (Wireless does not necessarily mean wire free)
  • Location of speakers to optimise/compromise listening position
  • Sound dispersion and any acoustic implications
  • Scoping of the complexity of multi-room designs
  • Technology considerations
  • Ease of use considerations
This will enable us to give you accurate costings or, for more complex projects, ball park costings subject to further discussions.

Site Visits

Site visits take time - yours and ours - and we don't like wasting either, particularly yours. In many cases site visits are unnecessary. We can explain the scope to you (and if you have them) your contractors over the phone and via email. With years of experience, we are adept at assessing the need for a site visit during our consultations and, if one is needed, then we will arrange for one. most often, there is no charge for this service, but for more complex projects there may be a fee charged and deducted from a future order. Contact us to discuss your particular circumstances in the first instance.

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