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Why buy from "Simply Sound & Vision"?

Our 10 Point Pledge to our customers:

We are always price competitive
We don't hide behind a faceless web site. We positively encourage our customers to call us. We'll then tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. We regularly have special offers not available elsewhere.

Price matching.
We receive dozens of price match requests on a daily basis. This clearly indicates that discerning buyers would prefer to buy direct from us. Naturally, we are delighted at this vote of confidence. We may not always be the absolute lowest price but thousands of customers choose us because they recognise that saving a couple of quid and then not receiving the support they need is a false economy. Bottom line - we are always worthy of an email or phone enquiry.

Passion for Excellence
We're passionate about what we do. Not only are we passionate about Sonos and audio visual solutions, we're passionate about music and we're passionate about doing the job right. That means, whether you are technical or not technical; on the phone or face to face, we'll take the time to explain things properly to you. How many retailers can you say that about?

Customer Service
Our customer service is second to none. With tens of thousands of Sonos installations behind us, our reputation for customer service is unsurpassed. Google our name and you'll come across many recommendations and favourable comments about the way we treat our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We have a satisfaction guarantee. As an independent retailer based in West London and North Yorkshire, we recognise we may not be on your doorstep. That's why we go the extra mile to support our more remote customers. Our largest customer base is in the South East, but when proprtioned to UK population it's in Scotland. Such is the nature of wireless technology that you can never be sure of precisely how Sonos will perform in your house until you actually install it. Therefore a distance-purchase with a no-quibble returns policy is a real convenience and a benefit to our customers. Although it's rare, if you do run into the odd issue, you'll be dealing with the reseller best equipped to explain what to do to get things humming. If we can't (and we've yet to fail) - we'll take your goods back for a full refund.

5. Installation Services
We offer a full installation service. Our installation service extends from simple Sonos setups to sophisticated home entertainment and automation. We have installers all round the country that can attend to your needs.

We have installed in superyachts, mansions, one-bed flats, schools, restaurants, dental surgeries, offices and our own, more modest, homes, so you can rest assured we wipe our feet when crossing your threshold and tidy up before leaving.

6. Support every step of the way
We offer comprehensive support. Our post-sales support is another key strength. Our skilled staff do not charge for telephone support and can fix many technical problems remotely. In the rare event of a product failure, we are supremely quick to diagnose and remedy the problem, often dispatching replacement items the same day and BEFORE we receive defective items back - how many suppliers do you know that do that?

7. Fully Authorised
We are authorised dealers for many of the best brands in the audio-visual business.
Possibly the most exacting HiFi brand in the world is Bowers & Wilkins. Like all prestige brands, they do not hand dealerships out unless they are satisfied as to the quality of the dealer. If your retailer is not an authorised B&W dealer, you may like to consider why not? We are proud to have been a B&W dealer since our outset.

8. Experience
We will always be the first Sonos dealer in the UK. We have grown our business without impacting on customer service since 2005. There is no other dealer in the UK that has the breadth of knowledge of Sonos and Sonos related products than us.

9. Straightforward honesty
We won't try to sell you an unnecessary extended warranty. We trust you will find our no-nonsense approach to business refreshingly honest. Sonos products are extremely reliable. Inevitably the odd failure happens. Our straightforward approach will get you going again with minimal fuss.

10. Speed of Delivery
Online sales and delivery excellence. We may not be Amazon, but we've delivered tens of thousands of parcels since we started back in 2005 and we understand the potential for issues. You receive an email confirmation of dispatch and, on the day of delivery, our carrier can now notify you of a 1-hour delivery window so you don't need to wait in all day. We only use the most reliable carriers in the business.