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Bluesound Product Overview

Enhance your audio experience with the premium multi-room sound system available form Bluesound.

Control your Bluesound products using phone, tablet, computer and now voice using Amazon Alexa.

Bluesound products offter the ability to stream any and all music ever recorded to any room in your home. The Bluesound range has the capabilities of streaming music from a magnitude of services, including Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and also your own personal music library via a network storage devices all in high resolution.

With Bluesound you can either stream different music in different rooms or using the app group rooms together to play audio in perfect studio quality sync.

Why Bluesound?

The Bluesound 2i Range

Bluesound Node 2i

The Bluesound Node 2i was designed to connect tradition HiFi systems, to expand their capabilities and access the streaming services and internet radio. Regardless of what system you are using the Node 2i will help get your components sounding better than ever.

With built in Wifi and Ethernet, just connect the Node 2i to your home network and sit back and enjoy a plethora of music streaming services at your fingertips. The Node 2i can easily support 24-bit streaming from your phone or tablet, along with transmitting studio quality music to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. With high end DAC technology built into the Node 2i, it can handle MQA files in all their lossless glory.

With a number of analogue and digital inputs and output options avaukabke on the back - the Node 2i gives you countless playback options.

Being small and compact, allows you to either display the Node 2i discreetly on a shelf or hide away without taking up too much space.

Bluesound Powernode 2i (HDMI)

The Powernode is an integral part of the Bluesound 2i range, offering Hi Resolution music up to 24bit/192kHz. The high res music streaming amplifier connects directly to your speakers and offers unlimited access to your music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, while also having the capabilities to access your local library.

The Powernode is a intelligent amplifier offering 60W output, enabling it to handle a wide variety of external speakers.
Connect the Powernode 2i to your home network in moments, using either the dual band Wi-Fi or connecting an Ethernet cable to the on-board connections to hard wire the Powernode to your network.

Featuring dual analogue outputs, USB, a headphone jack the Powernode is breaking down barriers in the HiFi world, the only thing needed is to connect speakers and your musical world is at your fingertips.

Set it up in anywhere in the house and stream to a room or the whole house easily

Valut 2i

Gone are the days of having a CD collection, with most of today’s music already available digitally, streamers are becoming more and more popular.

The Vault 2i, offers a compromise to CD playing and Music Streaming – With a built in 2TB hard drive and a CD ripper, the Vault can store all your CDs on one easy to manage device.

The ultra-quiet and low power consumption allows you to rip all yours CDs in lossless high-res FLAC or space saving MP3
The Vault rips your CD collection with perfect precision, and with the USB slot on the back of the device you can transfer the ripper CD’s to a portable USB for easy backup and transferring.

Once setup on your wired home network the VAULT 2i allows you to access and share your entire music library, and stream it to any Bluesound player, all without a computer.

The VAULT 2i uses your home network and sets up quickly. With advanced Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, the VAULT 2i ensures that there are no skips or delays even when streaming high-res audio files.

Play music in perfect sync or play music simultaneously to any Bluesound speaker in any room. With an array of analog and digital input and output options, the VAULT 2i can also connect to your existing powered speakers, allowing you to take your music to the next level.

Bluesound Flex 2i

At only 100mm tall, the Pulse Flex 2i is the smallest speaker in the range. It still continues to offer superb clarity and definition to your audio with the added benefit of portability(external powerpack needed).

The Flex 2i exceeds all expectations by delivering a rich, detailed soundstage that will fill any room. A state-of-the-art bass driver adds some serious punch to this small but mighty speaker.

Add the external battery pack to the Flex to enjoy on the go – adding up to 6 hours of listening per charge, take the Flex with you throughout your house and garden, and with built in Bluetooth and WiFi you can take you music with you.

The Flex doesn’t just work at home, with the battery pack, you can take the Flex 2i on the go and stream music using your smart phone.

For the complete package, add two Flex’s into a package with the Sub and Sound bar to create the perfect home cinema system. With stands available for the Flex’s you can have them at perfect listening height.

Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i

The Pulse Mini 2i fits in any room, offering rich detailed sound in every corner. Do not let the small stature take away from its immense capabilities.

Upgrading from the old version, the new 2i version now has twice as many 10cm woofers, which offer true stereo performance.
While the Mini 2i has dual band Wi-Fi capabilities there is an abundance of options for input and outputs on the device including an Ethernet connection, USB and both analogue and optical inputs and a headphone output. The Pulse Mini 2i follows on from the success of its predecessor and offers unmistakable muscle and bass response.

The speaker also benefits from a variety of touch controls which sit on top of the moulded carry handle, which offers the usual play/pause, next track and previous, along with volume controls, allowing quick and easy track change or volume increase or decreased without opening the app.

The improved codec support on the Mini 2i, allows streams up to 24bit/48kHz, for better than CD quality sound.

The Mini 2i is Airplay 2 enable which supports Apple users to stream directly from the apple device and utilise Siri's voice assistance. Alternately you can use an Amazon Alexa skill to enable you to control your Bluesound Mini 2i with your voice.

Bluesound Pulse 2i

The Pulse 2i is the most powerful speaker in the Pulse family. Featuring all-new driver and amp technologies that more than double the output in the bass frequencies. Hear every rich detail of your favourite tracks like never before.

The premium speaker offers up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution audio, allowing studio quality sound to be streamed and enjoyed throughout the home.

The robust 150W output power fills living spaces with clarity and depth. Top-performing drivers deliver a powerful listening experience greater than other all-in-one speakers.

The enhanced capabilities of the Pulses allows anyone to stream their music library, along with access to streaming services and internet radio.

Control the All-in-one speaker using the BluOs app direct from your phone, enables you full control of what is playing .

Like all Bluesound products, setup is easy and takes seconds; either connect to WiFi or using the Ethernet connection on board, then enjoy the seamless listening experience

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar

At over 1m long and 14cm tall, home entertainment just got a huge upgrade with the Pulse Soundbar. Featuring 6 integrated speakers, the fully immersive multi-room high resolution soundbar with crystal clear 24bit makes viewing and listening an immersive experience.

Connect the Pulse Soundbar to your network using the Wi-Fi connectivity or the gigabit Ethernet, while onnecting to your TV is just as easy, with HDMI ARC technology, Airplay and 2-way Bluetooth.

The Pulse Soundbar can be wall mounted, be installed with a TV mount or sit directly under your TV, for perfect high resolution audio from Sports, Music, Films or Games.

With Alexa and Apple Airplay, you can control the Pulse Sound bar using voice.

Go a step further and add the Pulse Sub and two Bluesound Flex’s to your sound bar to enhance the ultimate Dolby Surround sound high res experience

Bluesound Pulse Sub+

The latest edition to the 2i range, is the Pulse Sub+, the wireless subwoofer brings your listening experience to the next level. Designed to be used with Bluesound wireless speakers, amps and streamers. The Sub+ has an 8” woofer and smart DSP amplifier that delivers 150W of deep, detailed bass.

The compact design of the new Sub+ allows it to be wall mounted with the free mount included in the box. Being wireless and low height, the SUB has the unique ability to be hidden under, besides or behind furniture without compromising quality.

The Sub+ was designed to be simple and easy to use, just connect the app to an existing setup on the BluOs app and you’re done. Everything is controlled via the app.

Add to a Pulse Sound bar and Flex 2i’s and enhance the audio in your home cinema in minutes.