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About Simply Sound and Vision

Simply Sound and Vision - Formerly SimplySonos

Simply Sound and Vision started life as SimplySonos in March 2005. We were the first authorised SONOS reseller in the United Kingdom which, in turn, makes us the longest serving, and hence the most experienced.

At the risk of bragging, in our first three years of trading we outsold all other UK dealers combined. In fact, in 2011, when SONOS announced their 1,000,000th player shipment, we had accounted for 2% of their sales - worldwide. At that time that was about 11% of the total shipments in the UK. That’s a track record that we’re immensely proud of.

It’s not surprising, therefore, to see SONOS feature prominently on our web site. We don’t claim to have seen it all, but there’s not much we’ve not seen and we’re able to advise on some pretty nifty installation suggestions we’ve picked up along our journey.

Why buy from anywhere else?

We're a small team, based in South (West London - Head Office).

We're accessible, approachable and knowledgeable. We are a "destination retailer" as we are neither on the high street nor are we an internet-only retailer. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and on our track record of customer satisfaction derived by supplying solutions that provide first class value for money. We use what we sell and sell what we use.

We offer a consultative sales approach that you simply cannot get from any of the multiples or the internet giants. We are always price competitive but, more importantly, we are head and shoulders ABOVE the competition when it comes to value for money.

It's our opinion, yes, but why would you even think of buying from anywhere else?!
Meet the team here.

But it's not just all about Sonos...

Nowadays, it’s not just about Sonos. That’s why we decided to change our name to Simply Sound and Vision in 2012. We still love Sonos, of course, but there are a multitude of other wireless speakers and smart home technologies to choose from to help you get the most out of your home entertainment experience. We focus on the whole user experience from ease of use to aesthetic appeal.

Office Installation
Office board-room: Television & Projector Installation
Outdoor Installation
Oversea Property Installation: Sonos SUB & Speakers solution
Residential Bathroom Install
Residential Bathroom: In-wall Television & Control Setup
Show Install
Grand Design Show: Built Rack with Matrix Switch & Sonos Setup

Multi-Room TV, inexpensive Smart Home Technologies

In addition to audio, there’s multi-room TV (Matrix switching) and wirelessly controlled lighting systems to consider too.

Then there’s the question about how to integrate all this wonderful stuff into your home in a way that is easy to use and discreet. Let us help you lose the wiring spaghetti that ruins the look of your home whilst at the same time giving you the convenience of wireless control at your fingertips on a budget that’s surprisingly affordable.

We don’t focus on the expensive, branded, Home Automation systems out there – systems that cost an arm and a leg to install – and your other arm and leg to maintain when they need changes or go wrong. There is a more affordable, alternative way with very little need to compromise, and Simply Sound & Vision are there to take you on that journey.
These days, we are all comfortable with and using smartphones and tablets every day of our lives. There is almost no audio-visual supplier that does not have an App to let you control their devices(s). Examples: SONOS, Control4, Virgin, Sky even many of your traditional Hi-Fi components can be controlled from an App.

The “smart” device brings it all together. Granted, if you REALLY want to have one button to close the curtains, turn on the TV and dim the lights then you may need to look at more complex solutions, but sometimes you can get just a little bit too clever and suffer from overly-complex, fragile solutions.

Those levels of sophistication naturally comes at a cost of complexity. Our approach is to use discrete systems and solutions and bring them together in a way that is a balance between automation, usability, reliability, maintainability and, of course, cost.


You’d be amazed how much “smart” function you can obtain for a fraction of the budget of “integrated home automation systems”.

If the sound of this appeals, please call us to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you keep the spaghetti where it should be - in your kitchen, not in your living room.

What do I do now?

We'd be delighted to speak with you, so either pick up the phone and speak to one of the team, or contact us via this page or email us directly.