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Bluesound Pulse Flex Skin


Bluesound Pulse Flex Skin



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Complement your décor with a punch of colour

The FLEX SKIN sits at the intersection of functionality and fashion. A perfect solution to add some character to your PULSE FLEX, the FLEX SKIN compliments your individual style while keeping your PULSE FLEX safe.


Bluesound Pulse Flex Skin
Tough, silicone rubber material.

Protects the PULSE FLEX finish from dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints, water and oil splashes, and scratches.

Easy to slide on, easy to pull off. Dishwasher safe.

Clean lines to complement the edges and curves of the PULSE FLEX. Precise engraving means that you have all the functionality of the PULSE FLEX touch-button controls, with a less-intrusive and cleaner design

The well-planned design also ensures that all rear-panel functionality of the PULSE FLEX is still available.


Match the acoustic dynamics of your PULSE FLEX with a richly colored FLEX SKIN. With a simple change, your PULSE FLEX can be the color of the season, the color of your home, or even the color of your mood. With four simple, elegant options to choose from, adding a FLEX SKIN gives you more than enough variety to suit your home décor.


It's not just about fashion - the FLEX SKIN is functional too. The simple, durable design makes it easy to clean, while keeping your PULSE FLEX spotless in the meantime.


The FLEX SKIN acts as an extra layer of protection, shielding your PULSE FLEX's finish from the elements. While it's not a fully waterproof solution, the FLEX SKIN provides added defense against scratches and grime.


DIMENSIONS: 18.7cm x 13cm x 10cm (W x H x D)
WEIGHT: 0.153 KG
COLOUR RANGE: Black, White, Deep Blue, and Charcoal Grey


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