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BluCube BAMP2550 Compact Digital Amplifier

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BluCube BAMP2550 Compact Digital Amplifier


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50W Digital Mini Amplifier

The Blucube BAMP2550 is a digital amplifier in a compact housing equipped with low temperature technology


BluCube Digital Amplifier

The BluCube BAMP2550 is a digital amplifier in a compact housing equipped with low temperature technology. Its output power is 2x 50W into 4Ω and 2 x 25W into 8Ω which means it can be connected to a variety of different speaker types and brands to offer a convenient and discrete installation.

The easy-fit "Pheonix" connector for the speaker terminals is suitable for cables up to 2.5mm². The digital TosLink optical input supports a 2-channel PCM stereo signal. The line-level analog input is equipped with standard phono sockets. Both audio inputs are read simultaneously by the amplifier which means that the amplifier can accommodate two inputs to share one set of speakers. The input sensitivity is also shared for both inputs and set jointly using the level control.

Modes of Operation

The BAMP2550 has 3 modes of operation:
On - The amplifier is in operation as soon as they power supply via the switch is ON.
Auto - The amplifier turns on automatically as soon as a signal is detected at either the analogue or digital inputs. Note: The digital input is not triggered by optical light, but by sensing an actual audio signal input. The benefit of this is that the BAMP2550 can enter standby mode when there is an active optical connection but with no audio signal. After approximately a 10 minute period without an audio signal detected, the device will enter standby mode.
Trigger - When a voltage of 2.7V to 12V is applied to the trigger input connectors, the amplifier with activate. With a voltage less than 1.5V to the trigger inputs, the BAMP2550 will enter standby mode.


Connect the speaker cables to the Pheonix terminal block and plug the block into the amplifier. Beware of the polarity of the connections and also take care to avoid wires protruding from the terminals which may create a short circuit.

Connect the source using the analog or digital inputs. Beware of using two sources at the same time. The amplifier will permit the use of both sources but it is not recommended for both to be operational simultaneously. The source input(s) should have the ability to vary volume as the BAMP2550 volume control should be set once and left alone.

If necessary, and if your source has the functionality, connect the source to the trigger. Select the automatic operation mode to trigger. If no trigger connection is possible it is reocmmended to set the switch to "Auto". This will turn the BAMP2550 on when audio is detected and set to standby after approximately a period of 10 minutes if no udio has been detected. Plug in the power cord and turn on the BAMP2550 using the power switch.

The Power LED indicate the operating status: Dark = Off. Red = Standby Mode / Awaiting Activation. Blue = On. Set the volume of the BAMP2550 to a minimum and the colume of the source to ¾ of its maximum level. Now adjust the volume using the level control until the desire maximum speaker volume has been reached.



Output Power
2 x 50W @ 4Ω
2 x 25W @ 8Ω
Line In
Analogue Line Level
Digital In
Optical: 44.1 kHz / 16bit, 48 kHz/16bit
Auto On/Off
Optical and Analogue
10 Min. Off Delay
Turn-on Threshold

3mV @ 1kHz continuous

Trigger On/Off
On ≥ 2.7V; Off ≤ 1.5V; max. 12V
Standby Power
132mm x 46mm x 170mm
Power Requirements
110 - 120V ~ 60Hz/2A;
220 - 240V ~ 50Hz/1A

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