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Multi-Room Audio

Different music or the same music - in multiple rooms - Control at your Fingertips

Not too long ago, a multi-room audio system was pretty much only available when renovating your home. That's because it used to require extensive cabling and the sheer inconvenience of in-wall control panels. Needless to say they were expensive too.

Then, along came SONOS in 2005 and changed the game by producing the first wirelessly controlled multi-room system.

Simply Sound and Vision have been with SONOS from the very beginning. We were a full 6-months ahead of everyone else in the UK with wireless multi-room audio. So you're in very safe hands when talking to our experts on the art of the possible.

Multi-Room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms or play the same music in multiple rooms whilst controlling the sources and volume from in-wall or wireless devices. Nowadays, no vendor worth its salt is providing systems that don't have an App for wireless control. The result is simple, convenient, discreet, powerful, scalable and, now, very affordable audio around your home.

There are a multitude of vendors now of multi-room audio. There's Sonos, of course, but also Pure and Systemline, plus many of the far-eastern electronics firms are doing a fair job of joining in with the wireless revolution in multi-room.

Naturally, we still love SONOS, but there are choices to be made and we're here to help guide you through those choices and make the right decision for you and your home.

Wired/wireless.... confused? don't be....

It's important to distinguish what is meant by "wireless" in the context of sound systems these days. But it's particularly important in the context of Multi-Room. The question we are asked most frequently when talking about loudspeakers is: "are they wireless?"

Click here for some useful information to avoid any confusion on what is meant by the term "Wireless Speakers"

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