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Transform your tv-viewing experience

Recognise this?: Multiple Televisions, multiple sources, ugly cables everywhere?

Now this can be a distant memory. Multi-room TV viewing has been transformed through a nifty technology with a catchy little name: "HDBaseT". HDBaseT is delivered via something called an "HDMI Matrix Switch".

To put it simply, it allows you to share all your TV sources such as Sky, Virgin Media, Blu-ray, Apple TV and your games consoles to any television in your home. At the same time you can easily control the devices. For example: start a film in the living room, pause it and watch the end in bed. Redeploy the kids to another room! Share one device to multiple TV's at the same time.

FROM multiple cables to one, single CAT5/6 cable

Up until recently this was both expensive and required complex cabling. No longer. You can now do this over a single, inexpensive, CAT5/6 cable and the hardware technology, called 'matrix switching,' has reduced in price significantly in recent years making it an affordable way to de-clutter those unsightly cables.

The massive nest of cables and boxes around your TV is removed from your viewing area and can be located somewhere conveniently and discretely out of sight. (Often the cupboard under the stairs). Perfect for minimalists.

What do i need?

A multi-room TV system package comprises a matrix-switching hub connected over Cat5/6 ethernet cable to a small receving 'balun' hidden behind the TV. The TVs HDMI input is connected to the balun along with an infra-red receiver to take your remote control signals back to your source device located eleswhere.

An infra-red transmitter then takes care of passing the control signals to the device you have chosen to watch. The matrix hub takes care of passing the TV and audio signals as well as the control signals between each device, ensuring you have full control. Matrix switches vary in size from 4 x 4 (4 inputs (sources) and 4 outputs (TVs)) up to 16 x 16. 

Simply Sound and Vision supply, configure and install HDMI matrix switches from HDanywhere and CYP. Although this is specialist equipment, with the right dealer behind you to help, these are well within the means of a competent DIY-er to install. But it goes without saying that ours specialists will be delighted to quote for a bespoke installation for you. Call us to discuss your specific requirements and what’s required to lose the spaghetti from under your TV.

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