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  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)
  • SONOS SUB (Gen 3)



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    Latest generation, powerful wireless SUB for your Sonos setup. New internals for faster processing and easier setup..

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    *Applies to UK mainland

    Perfect For

    • Filling a room with rich, deep-sounding, bass
    • Enhancing any Sonos all-in-one player, PLAYBAR or CONNECT:AMP
    • Jaw dropping performance without undesirable cabinet shake owing to two opposing drivers
    • Placing anywhere in the room, even under furniture


    Sonos SUB (Gen 3) Wireless Subwoofer

    The Sonos Generation 3 SUB is the latest (June 2020) version of Sonos's wireless SUB. It features a powerful dual-amplifier to add vibrant bass to your Sonos setup. SUB delivers rich bass you can feel, as well as hear without it being overwhelming. 


    • Refreshed sleek design
    • Increased memory and processing power over previous versions - ready for the latest software innovations
    • Simple one-button setup
    • Wireless connection to Sonos speakers including ARC
    • Twin opposing drivers to minimise cabinet vibration
    • Works with any Sonos speaker/product (except MOVE and PORT)
    • When partnered to other Sonos speakers, SUB takes over the bass (low) frequencies enabling enhanced midrange performance from the paired speakers.
    • Create a 3.1 Cinema experience with BEAM, ARC (or PLAYBAR)
    • New, flat power lead to enable easy cable tidying.
    • Can be laid flat and concealed under furniture.
    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) to facilitate ease of setup.


    Finish Gloss Black
    Gloss White
    Weight 18Kg
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 402 x 389 x 158 mm
    Box content: SUB, Power Lead, Warranty details.
    Power Auto-switching 110-240v (50-60Hz) AC Universal input
    2 x Class D digital amplifiers
    Frequency Response
    As low as 25 Hz
    Networking Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
    Connectivity 802.11 b/g, 2.4GHz broadcast-capable router

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